When They Saw A Baby Elephant Collapse On The Road, They Weren’t Expecting This To Happen

Elephants are gentle giants of this planet who usually stay close to their herd and have a very active social life within their herd. So like human beings, they have affection and devotion towards each other and often work as a team to do things like protect each other and care for their young. They help each other in every little activity, from migration to child rearing, and this video is proof of it. When one of their own gets in trouble, they all step in to help.

This video features the most beautiful event of these social animals captured in Kruger National Park. The elephant herd in this reserve were travelling and crossing the road when one of the calves suddenly stopped at the middle of the road and collapsed. He lay motionless on the road for few moments, but what followed next is something that will amaze you about these animals. The herd came to investigate, even another baby elephant, possibly a sibling. They tried to help him up, but in the end, it was his mother who wouldn’t give up and pushed him until he got up and started walking again. I can’t help but hope there is nothing wrong with not-so-little guy and that he was just being lazy.

The population of elephants in this reserve can range from 7000 to 11,000. Thus seeing an elephant might not be a big deal for the visitors in this reserve. But, witnessing this special event is something beyond anyone’s imagination.

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