When I Saw This Baby Panda Alone In A Cage I Was Worried, But Then I Found Out Why.

Pandas are often touted as one of the most adorable and cute creatures of this earth. The matter what size they are they are very cute. Unfortunately they have been dealt a bad hand by evolution and environmental factors, and are slowly dying out.

In order to stop nature from taking its course and depriving future generations of being able to see this cute animals with their own eyes, zoos and wildlife centres around the world are doing their best to ensure that the animals in captivity are breeding successfully.

One of the major concerns of this process is that little baby pandas can sometimes get crushed in their birthing beds. The zookeepers from this zoo in Taipei, Taiwan, separated the baby from the mother to ensure that that doesn’t happen. Once the baby is stronger, after a few weeks, they reunite the mother with the baby once more.

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