He Saw His Cat Do This For His Blind Dog, So He Took Out His Camera And Recorded It

There’s a very old saying that goes a little bit like this, “A friend in need is a friend, indeed”. Our true friends are always the ones that stick with us even when things get ugly, and even when fun and hope seem so far away. Nothing can ever replace true friendship because it is one of the most valuable things we could ever have.

This following clip shows a dog and her adoptive cat brother playing together in perfect harmony. Sadly, the dog in the video has lost his sight completely, and after realizing it, the cat took it as his personal mission to guide his dog friend to safety, everywhere she went. Her help is invaluable for the pup, I’ve never seen an interspecies friendship that was so beautiful and important! But life isn’t all work and no play, and these two love to play together.

This poor but adorable dog needs some help from time to time, and when she takes walks outside, she needs that help more than at any other moment. One day, the dog started struggling, and her amazing cat friend did something unbelievable to help her. You can see how the cat helps her canine friend in this video. This cat is a seeing-eye cat and acts as her dog friend’s eyes, never letting her wander off course.

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