When I Saw This Cat Holding A Pen To The Wall Calendar? My Jaw Dropped! OMG!

You are looking at a clip of the world’s busiest cat hard at work at arranging and straightening her business schedule. Her name is Lyra. Conventional wisdom would say that Lyra is probably a big city cat, such as New York, with all those tall buildings to climb and rats to catch and torture, but she actually won her title at a farm.

Of course Lyra was not born with the instinct to hold a pen and the ability to write. Her loving family who recognize the importance of education sent her to school to learn how to write. Lyra was a natural learner, and what you see here is her putting her schooling to work on her personal wall calendar.

The moment in time is end of the day, which is usually when Lyra consults and tweaks her schedule for the next day and up. She never bothers to cross out her completed schedule of the day, though sometimes she would take a quick glance just to make sure she didn’t miss anything.

This morning she stayed at home, but she did go out a few times to use the earth’s natural bathroom. Farm cats often shun the litter box. She had to stay home because everyone else was out, so she stayed in case she had to take charge of things that might come up.

Lyra’s schedule the next day is rather hectic. She has a boxing match with her imaginary friend, lunch date with the birds, dinner date with the night crawlers, meditation session on her tall perch, hairball making contest, and something else she’s trying to remember.

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