He Saw A Chimpanzee Drowning In The Water, But What This Guy Did Next Made My Heart Stop!

In 1990, a chimpanzee called Jo-Jo fell into the water at the Detroit Zoo. He was being chased by another chimpanzee. The enclosure cable that was designed to keep the chimps from falling in failed to do its job and Jo-Jo’s life was at risk. Everyone was shocked when they saw the poor animal thrash helplessly around in the water. Chimpanzees cannot swim, and the poor thing was clearly drowning.

Chimpanzees can’t swim because they can’t float. They have very little body fat and lots of muscle mass, so they just sink to the bottom. Perhaps one brave man knew this and felt like he had to do something to help.

A 33-year-old truck driver named Rick Swope jumped in to rescue the poor creature, much to the onlooker’s disbelief. Rick left his family and ran to the ape enclosure without caring for his own life. You can hear people’s comments of disbelief and encouragement as he gets the chimpanzee to the bank.

He grabbed the 18-year-old chimp and got him up on the bank, but lost his grip. The chimp was 135 pounds! Somehow he managed to pull the animal up on the shore again and saw that he was alive. He made sure he stayed on the bank before getting back across the water to safety.

Chimpanzees are five times stronger than human beings, but Rick thinks it wasn’t a big deal. He is a true hero!

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