She Saw Her Friend Play With A Polar Bear, But You Won’t Believe What Her Camera Captured Next

Animals are pretty awesome and awe inspiring. We have seen a lot of amazing interactions between humans and their animal friends before, but this video right here takes the cake. This man visited the Rotterdam Zoo in the Netherlands with his buddies, but he soon noticed that a polar bear was imitating his moves. So he decided to check it out and see just how far the bear was willing to go to imitate him.

Fabien went up to the youngest polar bear and they had a fun time playing together. The bear is named Sizzle and he is only one-year-old. This might seem a bit unusual, but it is still incredible to watch. Sizzle is fully captivated by the man and he does exactly what the human does. How clever is this little bear? I wonder where he learned to do that?

When Fabien jumps and ducks, the polar bear dives down. And when Fabian moves to the side, the bear does the same! It the cutest thing ever! I’m sure these polar bears see a lot of humans at their window at the zoo, and it doesn’t surprise me at all that they would interact with them.

There is another bear in the enclosure, standing in the water, watching everything. This bear seems quite curious about Fabien and the camera, but is happy to stand and watch. For such huge creatures, they sure look cute and cuddly.

Watch this precious interaction below! Did this bear’s performance make you smile? Let us know what you thought about it in the comments!

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