When I Saw These Giraffes For First Time, I REALLY Wasn’t Expecting To See Them Do THIS! OMG!

Nicholas Deveaux is a French artist who has made his mark in the world by creating whimsical animations of animals doing distinctly human activities. The video given below is called 5 mètres 80 and it features a team of high-diving giraffes performing a set of remarkable flips. Deveaux’s animation skills are impeccable. You almost have to look twice to make sure the giraffes are not real.

The graphics are amazing and it makes you forget that you’re actually watching an animation. Nicholas sure has a great imagination! Thanks to this man, a lot people’s wish of seeing a giraffe doing acrobatics is now complete. I’m sure that is a popular wish throughout the world. His devotion to detail is unbelievable as well!

At the beginning of the clip when all of the giraffes are walking down a hallway, one of them stops to look at the camera and gets very close. I know the giraffe is animated, but when I saw the whiskers on his chin, he looked so real! The giraffes even flick their ears like they do in real life as they are walking.

I know that watching them do gymnastics is not realistic, but their movements as they are walking out to perform do look very real. But the next thing I knew, they were hanging from a trapeze-like swing and doing flips and dives into a pool! It’s amazing to watch. What a talented animator!

Watch this incredible animation below! What are your thoughts about Deveaux’s high-diving giraffes? Let us know them in the comments below!

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