He Saw His Human Hopping In Front Of Him, You’ll Be In Hysterics At What This Baby Goat Does!

Baby goats are adorable. They are full of energy and watching them hop around without a care in the world is a pleasure. But what if the goat doesn’t know how to hop? Johnnie the baby goat faced a similar problem. But thankfully, his human friends knew exactly what to do to help him! You are going to melt when you see his hopping lessons!

Johnnie’s mom refused to feed him and his sibling died. One of his caretakers, Jennifer Pratzer, says that they started bottle-feeding Johnnie and brought him inside the house since the mother rejected him and he was quite small. Johnnie now spends all his time in the house with his humans and as a result, he didn’t learn the normal goat behaviors that most goats learn.

His human parents decided it was time for him to learn the cutest of all goat behaviors, and that is hopping.  At the start of the video, Johnnie seems a little unsure of himself before attempting that first big hop, but when he watches his coach, he gives it his all and it is adorable! Of course it is! He’s a baby goat!

Johnnie is actually a black and white pygmy goat. His owners aren’t sure why the mother rejected him and his sibling, but this happens sometimes in the animal world. They were so happy to save Johnnie and now he’s happy and healthy and hopping.

Watch this adorable video below! Did Johnnie’s hopping lesson make you smile? Let us know what you thought in the comments!

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