She Saw Something Moving Inside A Garbage Bag Tied To A Fence. But When She Opened It – I Gasped!

Dogs are loyal and faithful animals that can put themselves in danger to save their human friend, if situation calls it. But, there are times when these faithful animals are tortured by the humans and even left to die.

Tami Augustyn, an amazing Samaritan, was one day notified by a friend about a dog who had been tied up in a garbage bag and left to die. As soon as she got the news, she drove to the place where her friend saw the abandoned dog. It was in the Bulldog Lane in Conroe, Texas.

Tami found Buck in brink of death. So she immediately picked up the severely wounded Buck and took him to Animal Emergency Clinic in Conroe. The clinic took in the dog and evaluated and stabilized his condition.

Buck was shot in the face, which affected both his eyes and also the inside of his mouth which was left with birdshot fragments. According to the doctor, this may leave the dog temporarily or permanently blind. Buck couldn’t walk as well and needed x-ray to examine the cause.

Buck hasn’t yet been able to get his forever home. I hope some kind people would adopt this adorable dog and keep him happy.

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