Stunning Footage of Leatherback Turtles Hatching. So hypnotic!

Turtles are a spectacular species, and more is being done in recent years to understand them better without harming them. One of the most interesting things about these creatures is their process of reproduction, especially in sea turtles.

Female turtles make a very long journey to the beach where they are supposed to lay their eggs to hatch their babies. The mothers then swim back to the ocean, leaving their eggs on the beach by themselves. A problem in the past, and even now, is that people come along and disturb the eggs out of curiosity and perhaps a lack of knowledge of the damage this does to the eggs and the already diminishing turtle population.


In some countries, these eggs are seen as a delicacy and are sold for a very high price. This, of course, has lead activists to pressure governments to pass laws against this, which many have. But this clip below features a happier story about these special sea turtles.

The video below features a jaw-dropping moment from a beach in Florida, where the turtles are protected. This man was out in Vero Beach, and he luckily managed to come across numerous Leatherback turtles in the process of hatching. What good fortune to come across such a sight!


The tiny babies break out and make their way to the ocean all by themselves after they are born. They have to do it alone in order for nature to take its course, and humans should not interfere. I have never seen anything like this before.

Stunning Footage of Leatherback Turtles Hatching. So hypnotic!