They Saw Something Tied To The Trains Tracks. When They Went Closer? This Broke My Heart!

There are lots of amazing people in this world. And some people, it seems, have taken it upon themselves to keep the world in perfect balance, so they have grown into something terribly awful to balance out the good in the world I guess. Even animals have to go through the cruelty they spew. We hear lots of stories about animals being abandoned and left behind on the streets with no means of survival.

But when you hear what happened to this poor pooch in Florida, you are going to lose it! This female pit bull mix named Cabela was found in the Tampa neighborhood of Sulphur Springs, tied to train tracks with multiple gunshots on her body. The police were furious and they went on a manhunt to find the one responsible for this horrendous case of animal cruelty.

This story happened in 2015. The reporter says that one of the dog’s legs will have to be amputated. It looks like the front right leg is badly injured, and the back leg is bandaged. The staff at the clinic take her outside to use the bathroom and try to get her walking, but without much success. The dog, at least, was safe with them and undergoing surgery at Tampa Bay Veterinary Emergency Service.

In the clip they give information where you can give donations for Cabela’s surgery. Even though this was a year ago, it is possible this clinic can still benefit from donations for other dogs who are strays. This clinic treats these animals out of their own pocket and I’m sure would appreciate any donations.

Watch the story below! What are your thoughts about this terrible brutality? What kind of punishment do you think should the perpetrator receive? Let us know in the comments!

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