They Saw a Stranded Baby Moose on The Highway. What These Bikers Did Moved My Heart

We have heard of many cases where helpless animals are abandoned by their mothers or their herd for unknown reasons. The video below features one of these unfortunate little babies. But thankfully for this cute baby moose, some humans stepped in to guide him along the way.

Most national parks actually do not recommend stopping to help the animals. If the mother is nearby, this could be a huge problem for humans, not to mention the baby animal. The mother may not accept him or her after having contact with a human. But in this case, the baby seemed disoriented and exhausted.


So when this group of bikers came across this stranded baby moose on a highway, they went out of their way to help the little guy. The moose’s mother was nowhere in view, and the amazing bikers decided to check the situation out. The little guy looks like he doesn’t mind the humans either, which makes me wonder if this was the first time he’d been around them.

The bikers even give him some Gatorade to relieve his thirst, although he doesn’t seem interested at first. It’s possible he had been wandering alone for a while and needed salt as well as water. He appears to be one a few days old, but what happened to his mother is still a mystery.

It seems that this baby moose was quite pleased to have found some new, helpful friends. And we are pretty happy those bikers came along too. Hopefully, the baby moose found his mother and all is well.

They Saw a Stranded Baby Moose on The Highway. What These Bikers Did Moved My Heart