They Saw Some Wild Horses On That Field. But Keep A Close Eye On That Black & White One! WOW!

If you love horses as much as I do, then this video right here is going to be a treat! You are going to be in a daze when you see the amazing majestic mustangs in the clip below! Horses are domesticated and used by humans for transportation, but it is stunning to see them run around freely where they truly belong!

Sonya Spaziani, aka Mustang Meg on Facebook, is a wild horse photographer who mostly takes pictures of the wild horses of Oregon. She says it’s her mission to protect these animals and the areas that they roam in. Their habitat has been shriking and the ecosystem has changed, causing their numbers to decrease. Thankfully, we have people like Sonya that are out there helping them.

The video below was shot when she was on a family vacation. We can see gorgeous mustangs interacting with each other in the wild while Opus Moon plays in the background. The scenery is gorgeous and the horses only add to the beauty of this place. It is breathtaking to say the least!

Some of these wild beauties have very unusual markings that are very rare in a domesticated horse population. We are fortunate to still have this many of the wild mustangs roaming this part of the United States.

This video creates a good case for preserving their shrinking habitat and preserving these beautiful animals that are a part of America’s landscape.

Watch this beautiful video below! Did you enjoy watching these wild horses? Let us know in the comments section!

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