When I Saw What This Woman Does To This Fearsome Cat, I Was Lost For Words. This Is INCREDIBLE!

Jurg Olsen is a policeman turned conservationist. He and his wife established the Jukani Predator Park. They offer rescued big cats a home and share fantastic relationship with all of them. But Diablo is a cat that has bitten him and sent him to the hospital. He does not know what to do with her and this presents an excellent opportunity for Anna Breytenbach.

She works as an animal communicator and they bring her in with the hope that she can make Diablo adjust to his new surroundings. Jurg is naturally skeptical until he sees Anna in action. She communicates with Spirit, the new name for the black leopard and Anna unravels the reasons for his aggressive behavior. This documentary was nominated for a host of awards and this clip will make you realize why!

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