Scabies-Ridden Kitten Brought To Rescue Center. I Was Blown Away By His Transformation.

Ever have something hurt so much that even moving makes you feel miserable? There have been a couple of times for me – the first is when I got the chicken pox at the age of 23. The day before the vaccine came out, too. Irony of ironies. The other time is when I threw my back out and if I tried to roll over in my sleep – yeah, that woke me up fast. That’s why I can sympathize with this kitten who came to a rescue place in San Jose with feline scabies.

The poor kitty had crust covering a lot of her body and it was apparent that she was itching badly, but it hurt her to move. Watching the video, you can even imagine her thought process: “This itches. This itches. I need to scratch. Ow. It hurts to move. I need to scratch. This itches. Man, this sucks.” Her expression, with her eyes narrowed, reveal her misery as well. Fortunately, the people there know how to treat scabies.

The change, shown in photos, is nothing short of remarkable. She’s gone from a grumpy cat to a wide-eyed friendly one who likes to play with others. Her eyes are no longer angry slits, instead they are ready to take in the world around her. It’s a remarkable change… and it resulted in her getting a forever home. As cruel as it may sound, I’m not sure many people would have wanted to take her with her scabies.

I’m glad that the kitten was treated. Not sure how she would have survived much longer on the streets with her condition. Being mobile is kind of imperative for those that want to escape any danger. Now she’s scabies-free and will be cared for and loved in her new home. There will be no more angry-face cat with her… well, maybe if her new mommy and daddy are just a bit too slow in feeding her.

Wasn’t the change remarkable? Have you had any experience with a cat like this? We’d love to hear your stories. Please leave them in the comments section below.

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