Scared, abandoned dog is rescued from the rain by caring cop

“Giving kisses?” the officer on-screen asks the dog. This officer’s name is Michael Pascale, and he works for the NYPD. As it turns out, this isn’t his first encounter with this puppy.

Officer Pascale was doing his regular routine when he noticed a small dog tied to a fence. Being an animal lover and worrying that the pup had been abandoned, Pascale decided to free the dog. “I don’t just see an animal; I see a soul. And that’s not something I turn away from.”

He took the dog—whose name is Joey—to the Animal Care Center of NYC (ACC), where he dried Joey off and warmed him up. Officer Pascale had taken a picture of Joey when he’d first met him and had sent the photo to his wife.

Her response? “Bring him home!” However, the ACC informed Officer Pascale that he would need to wait 72 hours, just in case the original owner came to retrieve the dog.

Thankfully, that never happened. We can see from the video that Pascale and Joey quickly formed a close bond, with the dog cuddling up to and even falling asleep on Pascale’s hand.

Pascale couldn’t bring Joey home immediately, but he went back again the following two days to visit Joey. He could finally bring him to his new home on the fourth day.

Nowadays, Joey has adjusted well to his new life. He absolutely adores his new home with Papa Pascale and his new Mommy! As Pascale puts it, he’s now free to be happy, enjoy life, and be loved. “With all due respect to all the partners I have at work, [he] is my number one partner.”

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Scared, abandoned dog is rescued from the rain by caring cop