Scared mama cow hides calf from humans only to be pleasantly surprised


A rescued mamma cow named Clarabelle was behaving oddly at her new home, Edgar’s Mission Sanctuary. When her new humans investigated, they discovered that she hid her calf from them, fearing they would take her baby away.

This sanctuary in Australia has a vast area for their rescue animals to relax and enjoy their lives. However, some animals have still not come out of their horrifying past. She still feels unsafe even in a protected environment.

This cow is one of those animals which is still left with emotional scars that are heartbreaking. Edgar’s mission had rescued Clarabelle from a dairy farm. But unfortunately, she was going to be slaughtered because her milk production was reducing.

Mama cow and calf

However, the organization saved her just hours before she met her dark fate. The only thing the caregivers at the sanctuary did not know was that she was pregnant when she arrived.

They discovered this after a few days after she had actually given birth. Clarabelle had given birth several times before as well. However, each time her calf was taken away from her.

So, a week before she was about to give birth to rescuers, Clarabelle was acting unlike herself. Such as not being bothered about her meals. She is usually the one who is eager for meals. But, one day, she roamed around the field and stayed back. Hence, the volunteers decided to investigate the matter.

Eventually, they found Clarabelle’s secret. She had hidden a baby underneath the tall grass. The calf Valentine was clean and dry, which meant that the baby had been born a few days prior. The volunteers promised Valentine that no one was ever going to take her away from her mother, and the relief in mamma’s face was visible.

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Scared mama cow hides calf from humans only to be pleasantly surprised