This Scared Pit Bull Had Been Living In A Ditch. I Broke Down When I Saw How They Rescued Her! Heart Breaking!

Hope For Paws is a non-profit animal rescue organization that works hard day and night for the welfare of animals that are suffering on the streets. They are one of the most devoted rescue organizations you’ll ever find. This video is a story about a dog named Nala who used to live as a stray in a ditch near downtown LA.

Nala is a pit bull who was previously named Blu. She is thought to have been abused by a man, as she whimpers and runs away whenever she hears a man’s voice. She was scared and helpless, a trait supposedly believed to be “non-existent” in pit bulls. You can see that fear was clearly visible in the poor girl’s eyes. But when I saw how these rescuers gained her trust, I was in tears. This is beautiful!

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