This Scared Whale Was Caught In A Fishing Net… See What It Does To Those Humans? CRAZY

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People love whales and usually whales love people. We can’t seem to get enough of these gentle giants and we go to great lengths to catch sight of them. It might be the sheer size or the majestic way about them as they glide effortlessly through the ocean.

Sadly, many whales are getting tangled up in fishing nets that are left in the ocean. When this occurs the whale is in very much danger and can even die. The humpback whale in this clip is struggling to get free.

James Moskito and his crew went out to see if they could free the huge animal and spent hours in the attempt. One of the more intelligent creatures on earth, the whale seemed to understand what the people were doing as they were cutting away the net. What you won’t ever believe is that the whale gets free and then goes up to each rescuer and thanks them!

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