Is this the ‘scariest bridge in the US?’ How this woman gets across might convince you!

We’ve all got our own, personal fears, all with varying degrees of impact on our psyche. For some people, it might just be a mild feeling of discomfort, while other people might experience a full-blown panic attack. And we can be afraid of almost anything, including creepy crawlies, clowns, Twinkies and Dr Seuss characters. Different strokes for different folks. An extremely common phobia – is the fear of heights, but less common is gephyrophobia – which is the fear of bridges themselves. And that might be a problem if you’ve got to cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge in Maryland.

This technological marvel as recently been dubbed the scariest bridge in the US, and those who have to cross it regularly might just have a point. It’s over 200 ft high in certain places and runs at a length of 4.3 miles. But as one terrified bridge user puts it – there’s no emergency lane, it’s totally open to the elements and the barriers are only around 4 ft tall. And those people suffering from acrophobia live in fear of the bridge collapsing or getting swept away in high winds when the weather turns nasty.

The problem is – they still need to traverse the construction to do their jobs or enjoy a vacation in the area. Thankfully, help is on hand to assist people of a nervous disposition in crossing the scariest bridge in the US.

For $25, Bay Bridge Drive Overs will take you across in your own car – and shoulder the burden and stress of driving over the giant structure if you can’t face it yourself. Alex Robinson – who owns the company – says that business is booming and already on this particular day he’s taken 19 people to the other side. That’s not a bad turnover for just driving over a bridge for a living!

His clients are regulars too, with many people just finding it utterly terrifying to drive themselves across – worried they will suffer a panic attack or get into an accident. One customer has even tried hypnotherapy to conquer their fear! But sometimes, the power of your irrational mind is just too strong – and someone else needs to do the heavy lifting!

Don’t miss this fascinating video below and ask yourself if you would have the mettle to drive across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Don’t be fooled by the footage though as we can bet that it’s much scarier when you’re up there!