A Schnauzer Escaped From Her Home To Be With Her Best Friend At The Hospital!

As we’ve seen proven in many other cute videos before, the friendship that a dog has with his human partner is unmatchable, and they do not hesitate to take that love to an extreme when the situation calls for it. The video below shows a very peculiar story that while odd, it will definitely warm your heart right up.

The clip was recorded on Cedar Rapids, and it is starred by a family dog named Sissy, a cute schnauzer who belongs with the Franck family. Her human mother, Nancy Franck, had to stay interned at Mercy Medical Center, after getting some surgery for her cancer, and Sissy did something unbelievable to try and reach her side once again!

Sissy missed her human friend very deeply, and she was determined to be with her at all costs. She somehow escaped the family’s home, and walked more than 15 blocks to reach the hospital Nancy was staying in. Not only that, but instead of staying outside the hospital waiting like in other touching dog videos, she was cunning enough to get inside the hospital to find her beloved human. If only she had known in which floor Nancy was, she might have been able to get with her by herself!

Don’t you just love cute stories like this one? Watch it right below!

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