School Bus Driver Sees Nearby Tornado. What She Did After That Left Me Speechless.

There are places in the United States where tornadoes can spring up with frightening regularity. You could be driving along, and then, boom, a tornado appears, almost like magic. Voldemort isn’t behind this though – it’s nature. The weather conditions just make the appearance of these windy behemoths happen more often. It doesn’t make it any less frightening for those who see it. Like the time in Indiana, where a school bus driver named Angel Perry and her kids suddenly came close to one when she was driving them home after school.

It was almost a scene out of a horror movie. The bus driver and the children racing away from a relentless pursuer. A masked maniac was not stalking them, though. It was far worse, a literal force of nature: an F4 tornado. Perry only had a short amount of time to decide. She decided to hurry back to the school. You can hear the tension in her voice as she’s calculating the best odds and then arrives at her decision.

We don’t see any of the kids getting off the bus, but we can imagine, in our mind’s eye, what that scene must have been like. The kids got off the bus and ran to the school, followed by Perry. What we do see is the interior of the now-empty bus as it’s slammed by this tornado and subsequently picked up and thrown like a children’s toy into a diner. That’s how powerful an F4 is, folks. It can take an 18-ton bus and toss it like an angry toddler.

Perry deserves every commendation that she gets for her heroics. It would have been a very different and likely tragic outcome if she had tried to take them elsewhere. School bus drivers don’t get enough credit for their taking kids safely to and from school every day. I’m glad that we’re not discussing a tragic incident instead. I can’t fathom what living in a place where tornadoes appear regularly would be like.

What a harrowing video. I was sweating towards the end, when they were describing the kids getting out of the bus. I even held my breath at one point.

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