School bus driver stood up for pupil – what happened next will shock you

School lunches have recently been the topic of much debate as faculties get embroiled in hard-line attitudes towards children who don’t bring enough money with them to buy their own lunch. In the age we live in there should be no children going hungry at school – but that seemingly isn’t the case, and this is what happened when one staff member decided to say something about it.

Johnny Cook from Georgia had this experience when a child on his school bus informed him that he was hungry. Johnny asked him why he hadn’t eaten anything, and the child said he didn’t have the 40 cents required to pay for a school meal. As a result, he hadn’t been allowed access to food in the school cafeteria that day. Johnny was understandably furious and took to social media to vent.

As a taxpayer, Johnny took his anger out in a post on his personal Facebook, astonished that the school would rather see the child starve than give him leftovers. The kind-hearted driver offered that he would stump up the money should a child need to eat and couldn’t afford it – and even left his personal cell number should anyone want to contact him about it. Understandably, his post went viral – as it’s clear this isn’t just a localized issue. But then things took a turn for the ridiculous.

Johnny was brought in to see the school’s superintendent who gave him an ultimatum – apologize and retract the post, or face dismissal. Johnny was gobsmacked, but he stuck to his guns and was promptly terminated from his employment. He would no longer be driving these kids to school – all because he did something he felt was right.

Reporters contacted the school as the news story spread, and the superintended was reluctant to talk about Johnny’s dismissal, stating it was a private matter. However, he did say that this alleged interaction with the child claiming he wasn’t given food never actually took place – and they have the security footage to prove he wasn’t in line for lunch that day!

Don’t miss the remarkable twists and turns of this outrageous story in the video below. Regardless of your opinion on the events – we can all agree that no child should be going hungry in their own school, and we need more people like Johnny to have the courage to stand up and say something. Share with friends and family who have children in schools!