School Closed Due To Snow, But Camera Captures Principal’s Antics When Everyone’s Gone

School PrincipalWhen a big snowstorm is in the forecast for the next day, every school kid goes to bed hoping that the next day will declared a “Snow Day.”  Snow days for kids are extra fun days that are filled with excitement, However, for parents, teachers, and school administration, it’s not so simple.

Meet Principal Gerry Brooks. He works at an elementary school in Lexington, KY.  He decided to share a video of what really goes on when the students aren’t around on snow days! 😉

Sitting in his office with a view of the snow outside from his large window, Principal Brooks introduces himself and explains that he and his fellow teachers work very hard on snow days even when the school is closed. Then it’s show time…

Snow DayPrincipal Brooks starts off in the gym.  He is so talented – he can twirl several hula hoops on his arms at once!  He plays basketball, even recording his dunk attempts in slow motion.  The hallways don’t get left out…

He runs through the hallways, dodging through open doorways, and crawling from room to room.  Sitting in a rolling chair, he gets towed down the hallway by the floor polishing machine.

Next, the Principal checks on the classrooms to make sure everything is in order.  In the music room, he joyfully tries to play the xylophone and then sits cross-legged on the floor beating bongo drums.

Principal Brooks builds some impressive figures out of playdoh in the art room, then moves on to the Spanish classroom where he tests his Spanish skills.  Thankfully, his experimentation in the science lab wasn’t an explosive one.

Principal Snow DaySlowly the storage closet door opens, and Principal Brooks peaks his head out to make sure the coast is clear.  He sneaks out with his arms full of mysterious packages wrapped up as presents.

What a busy day! Of course, Principal Brooks is a dedicated, hardworking principal who loves his kids and his humorous video is just one example of how he works to keep student and teacher morale high. Every school needs a principal like this.

If you enjoyed this principal’s antics, please share this video with your friends and family so they can laugh along with us.

School Closed Due To Snow, But Camera Captures Principal’s Antics When Everyone’s Gone