Dance Team Performs Eye-Popping Routine and The Audience Explodes With Insane Applause

Dance Team PerformsSchool dance teams are an excellent outlet for students to explore their creativity while getting some exercise. However, they are not normally expected to perform at a professional level.

And yet, some do achieve remarkable results. The Southlake Carroll High School Emerald Belles dance team delivered this amazing high kick routine at a recent performance.

High School DancersThe dance is set to the hit tune, “Sweet Dreams”, by the Eurythmics. The routine is performed with almost military precision, the synchronization is meticulous and the choreography is breath-taking.

It is easy to see how much work and practice has gone into the dance by every single member of the team. The effect of the synchronized steps and the unusual costumes is a captivating dance routine.

Luckily, the dance was filmed and posted on the internet where it soon went viral. In fact, this is an award-winning team that has had numerous thrilling routines receive tremendous success on the internet. And the recognition they have received for their skillful, polished performances is well deserved. Most people can appreciate something special when they see it.

Hopefully, the team will continue to delight audiences and viewers with their hard work and possibly some members may even go on to build a career in dancing, or inspire others.

If you were dazzled by this performance as much as we were, share their video with your friends because this kind of talent and hard work deserves so much applause.