School Decided to Starve Preschooler for Weirdest Reason. When I Heard Why, I Was Taken Aback!

Nutrition is an important part of everyone’s day. Regardless of what age, if you don’t eat properly or even to another level, get denied food, you aren’t typically a happy camper. The audacity of someone telling you what you can and can’t eat would put anyone on edge. It’s not your place to make that decision. When you’re older it’s up to you to decide what to eat. You can ignore what others say or take their advice, but you’re ultimately in control. That’s what makes this story so heart breaking.

One Colorado mom found herself in the weirdest position. The school had sent home a note, declaring that the lunch she had packed wasn’t nutritious. Food is food. I agree it should be nutritious, since she’s young, but it’s not the schools place to make that decision. Leeza Pearson was outraged when the pack of Oreos she had packed her four-year-old daughter, Natalee, was taken from the girl.

The school left a note for the confused mom, hoping to give her their take on what she packed her daughter for lunch. Hoping the note had a good point, she read it feverously. She tried her best not to let her rage consume her, who were they to decide or try to dictate what her child ate? She was the one who made the lunch and if her child had part of it thrown away, that was a problem. If the child had it thrown away by a teacher? There would be hellish consequences.

The sheer audacity of it all has my brain spinning. There are starving people, a lot of them, even in the U.S. To throw away food because someone thinks its “bad for you?” Sheer nonsense. You don’t know what the child has gone through, what the mom was thinking, and to throw away food during these rough economic times is like a slap to the face.
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