School Janitor Outsmarts Selfish Teens Who Made His Tough Job Even Harder

You may already be familiar with this classic “teaching moment,” but if not, you’re going to love the video we’ve posted below.

Some high school girls began leaving lipstick kisses on the bathroom mirrors, a typical enough adolescent prank. Perhaps they didn’t appreciate how much work their fun was adding to the school janitor’s already heavy workload. They kept on doing it, day after day, so the janitor decided it was time to drop by the principal’s office to see if anything could be done about it. With the janitor still in the chair in front of her desk, the principal immediately took to the PA system and asked all the girls in the school to kindly stop leaving kisses on the mirrors.

Well, kids, being kids, the problem didn’t go away. In fact, there were more lipstick kisses plastered all over the mirrors in the girls’ bathrooms than ever before. Tell teens to do one thing and they’ll do the opposite!

Once again, the janitor paid a visit to the principal’s office. This time he had a brilliant idea. They discussed it and the principal agreed to give it a try. A group of popular girls who had obviously been involved in the mirror hijinks were marched to the bathroom by the principal. There they found the janitor waiting for them. He explained that lipstick is greasy and really hard to clean off mirrors. Maybe they didn’t realize it, but he had actually been getting home late because of all the extra work he had to do! To make this clear to the girls, the janitor proceeded to demonstrate his lipstick-removal technique.

What happens next is absolutely priceless.

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