Science Gives A Helpless Goose Who’s Been Attacked A Second Chance

There are very few things that are more difficult to watch that an injured animal calling for help. As humans, there is something about our protective side that makes us reach out and help them. Even if they can probably manage, we all feel encouraged to reach out and give them break. Such is the case of an injured goose in Brazil which went viral.

The goose was found by some people in very bad condition. Apparently, he had been attacked by a dog. The result was a mangled neck and a destroyed beak. The animal was not able to eat and started to lose weight rapidly. After some people found it, they took it to a wildlife protection agency. The agency had very good staff who were willing to help. They were also pioneering a new 3-D technology that was being used for prosthetics. They had been able to produce some very ingenious solutions for injured animals before. They were not sure that it would work on this type of body part. Nevertheless, they were willing to give it a try.

The goose was admitted at their facility and a group of doctors and engineers started to design a new beak. 3-D technology has been advancing at high rates. This doesn’t mean that it comes cheap. Their work also relies on donations by people who also want to make a difference. This group is called “The Animal Avengers” and was founded by actress Shannon Elizabeth.

Once the animal is admitted, they take detailed pictures so they can reconstruct a beak. They work several hours and come up with a prototype. This is a crucial body part for the goose as it will rely on it to survive. If not successful, the animal will probably die of hunger. The surgery takes place and the group of doctors awaits the animal’s recovery. After a few days, the doctors realize that the surgery has been a success. Not only does the goose look very good, but he’s also eating again and gaining weight.

Brazil is not the only country where this group operates. They have several branches around the world which have groups of technicians and doctors. They are always ready to help any animal in need. One of the areas where they hope to make a significant impact is in Africa. Africa is known for many things, but unfortunately also for poaching. In this part of Africa rhinoceros and elephants are being killed almost to the point of extinction.

There have been several groups who have been assembled to reverse this action. On average, we lose 96 elephants and 4-5 rhinoceroses there. This is now an alarming rate and not enough is being done to protect these animals. The Animal Avengers are working very hard to make a difference. To rescue the animals that have fallen victim of poachers. In many cases, they arrive when it’s too late and the animal has passed away. We can all do wonderful things and help these animals. One thing we can do is donate. Check the video to see the amazing job they are doing.