Scientists, Engineers, Artists, And Even A Dentist Came Together To Save This Eagle’s Life!

This Bald Eagle, named Beauty, was almost killed when a poacher shot her out of the sky. The poacher missed a kill shot but hit Beauty in the beak. An eagle with no beak cannot feed herself. Even though the poacher had failed to kill her, this still would have meant Beauty’s death. It just would have taken longer.

Not only was she have slowly starved, but she was also unable to preen her feathers. Without carefully maintained feathers she would not be able to fly and would be unable to escape predators.

When someone rescuers found her, they were advised that Beauty be euthanized. Then a group of scientists, engineers, an artist and even a dentist came together to help save Beauty’s life. The operation took over two hours but none of them were willing to quit, and now Beauty can live a normal life again.

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