Scott Brothers unveil their musical talent with a song about music and family

Drew and John Scott may be best known for their HGTV show “Property Brothers,” but their talents also extend to singing. In 2015, they launched “The Scott Brothers,” in which they form a pop/rock/country duo.

The brothers always aspired to be entertainers. In their youth, they had a gig working as clowns for children’s parties, although John transitioned to performing magic tricks and became something of an expert. Although interested in pursuing careers in entertainment, the brothers wanted to avoid going through a “starving artist” phase. Growing up on a ranch, they’d learned quite a lot about home repair, so they went into real estate, buying houses, fixing them up, and then selling them at a profit. They were so good at this that it started to become their real career!

But for all their success in real estate and then on television, they still had other ambitions, including singing. “We grew up on a ranch, spending almost every other day sitting around a campfire, strumming songs on the guitar, singing songs with our parents. This past year, we were shooting ‘Property Brothers: At Home on The Ranch,’ where we went back to our roots to renovate a friend’s property in the Rockies. While we were doing this, we were talking with a producer and singer-songwriter from Nashville, and we said, ‘You know, while we’re doing this show, we should write a song and pay tribute to how we grew up.'”

The Scott Brothers’ country ballad “Hold On” is an intense and heartfelt ballad that’s all about the importance of family and coming home. They’ve made a beautiful music video, which we’ve posted for you below.

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