Scott McCreery and Future Wife Star in “The Trouble With Girls” Music Video

When the singer was just 17, Scott McCreery wrote a song called “The Trouble With Girls.” The music video starts with McCreery in high school surrounded by his peers. Throughout the video, you feel like you’re transported back in time.

As the lyrics begin, Scott sings the words, “The trouble with girls is they’re a mystery. Something about them puzzles me.” Just that line alone will make you remember being young in school and new to the world of dating.

Later in the video, McCreery goofs off in chemistry class with his lab partner. Of course, she has a huge grin plastered across her face as she laughs along with his antics. As an old movie plays in another class, we see a note getting passed around.

It appears the note is from another girl, but once again, we see his lab partner from earlier sitting next to him. Dawning another big grin as she cheers on McCreery plays a game of baseball, the video comes to a close. Little did we know, McCreery and the actress would get married in real life.

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