Screams of a Woman Being Beaten! This Lucky Woman Gets the Most Unlikely Hero! Just Astounding!

Home invasions are very dangerous and can be beyond traumatizing. The idea that someone is in your home without your knowledge or consent puts me heavily on edge. Rifling through all your belongings stealing the nicest things you own. Then leaving your place a mess. It’s almost a feeling of violation or space being violated. It’s not pleasant and it’s not easy to get over.

The scary tale starts with the previous wife of Steven Schumacher. Screams awoke her neighbor, who wishes for her identity to be anonymous. Her lovable pit bull, known as “Blitz” saw the whole thing unfold. Around 11 o’clock at night the attentive hound heard screams in the distance.

Steven was divorced due to domestic disturbance and domestic abuse charges filed against him earlier on in their relationship. The ex-wife awoken late one night to her long-separated ex-husband. He broke into her house and thrashed the place, afterwards, grabbing the woman by the arm and hair, trying to drag her to his car. Even Schumacher wasn’t sure what the plan was from there, but adrenaline has the stupidest effects.

With sounds of struggle and pleas to help the poor woman. To save her from the beating she was receiving and abuse she foresaw. As Schumacher attempted to put his ex-wife in the car, Blitz sprang into action. With many growls and other factors that led Schumacher to fear for his life, he let go of his ex-wife and waited in place for police to arrive. He was arrested for breaking and entering as well as assault.

The assailant was found to have a knife in his shoe, which luckily, he never got to use. Wow. That is messed up. You can only imagine what this twisted punk had in mind. Thanks to Blitz, hopefully the misconception about pit bulls can die down more. It’s not the Pitbull’s that are aggressive, it’s how you raise them. What are your thoughts? We would love to hear from you! Please leave a comment in the comment box below, share this with someone who’s having a bad day, and don’t forget to like us on Facebook! Thank you!

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