Sea otters put on a show with unintentionally synchronized swimming routine

Sea otters definitely know their way around the water. But when you watch them swim through this inlet, it’s like they’ve got it planned right down to the letter.

Sea otters swim gracefully in the water and don’t make a ton of noise. When they swim together in groups, it’s such a beautiful thing to see.

What observers didn’t count on at the Elkhorn Slough in California was that these sea otters can swim in synchronization. Before you say anything, they did not plan this.

Captured on video, these sea otters are swimming across an inlet. While the synchronized swimming routine was unplanned, it looked like the otters were practicing this to perfection a hundred times.

This is a peaceful place for otters to swim and for people to watch. You will witness nature’s beauty right before your eyes.

These sea otters make it across. But their memorable swimming routine will live on in the memories of those who were fortunate to watch it up close.