That Sea Turtle Had A Plastic Straw Lodged In Its Nostrils. Wait Till You See The Rescue!

The following video shows how humans are destroying the environment and harming nature with their reckless behaviors. Knowingly or unknowingly, we are polluting the planet. Our useless trash and garbage waste end up as far as the middle of the ocean and it is extremely detrimental to marine life.

This clip features the rescue of a sea turtle who was going through unbearable pain due to a straw stuck in its nostril. He was in obvious pain and clearly having difficulty breathing, and of course the turtle doesn’t realize these people are trying to help. He just wants this pain to stop.

A research team found a male sea turtle during their in-water research trip in Costa Rica. They thought it was infected by a parasitic worm at first, but later they found out what it actually was. The poor thing had a 10 to 12 cm plastic straw lodged in his nostril!

How they take it out is hard to watch. It was no easy task to remove the straw. This rescue team wants to spread a simple message: “say no to plastic straws and any kind of one-time use plastic item.” I try to follow this rule whenever I can, never using straws. There is always a way to NOT use a straw or a plastic coffee stirrer.

When people use plastics like cups and straws, they don’t think about where those items will end up. People cannot imagine how a straw could end up in such a place as a sea turtle’s nostrils, but it can. Watch this and you will hopefully never use straws again.

Watch this touching rescue in the video below and let us know your thoughts about this grave issue in the comments section!

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