He Was Out Searching For His Dog When He Found This Horrific Scene!

When Matt Williamson was out looking for his lost dog in Jackson, Mississippi, he came across a horrifying site. When news reporters interviewed him sometime later you can see he is still shaken up from the horrific scene.

While he was searching he found a large aquarium sitting in a ditch cemented shut. Initially thought it was just a piece of trash as he got closer he saw that there was something moving inside. To his horror there were two puppies locked inside the tank.

Matt immediately notified the authorities. Clearly some on one of these pups dead, but this torturous method is just gruesome. Thankfully this horrible person is also incompetent and the dog survived. They were traumatized by the incident and have been slow to recover, but hopefully they will regain trust in humanity and find a loving home to go to.

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