Seattle Singer Inspires With Performance That Deserves Four Chairs

Twenty-two-year-old Zan Fiskum from Seattle, Washington, is gifted with reverb and tone that can’t be taught. Her magical talent was well-proven through her season eighteen blind audition. The songbird opted for “Light On” originally by Maggie Rogers.

Nick Jonas had heard enough within Zan’s very first few lyrics, being the first to turn. John Legend was next, but Kelly waited until the artist belted out a superb showing of vocal power before having no choice but to turn as well. After the coaches put forth strong pleas, with Blake trying to throw John under the bus, Zan Fiscum ended up picking Team Legend.

Seattle singer-songwriter Zan Fiskum may only be twenty-two, but she sings with the control and range of an artist far more experienced. Her blind audition cover of “Light On” by Maggie Rogers left the judges in awe of her raw talent, and it’ll amaze you too. From the beginning to the end, it’s a showing that deserves four chairs but only gets three.