Secret Strategy To Calm A Screaming Baby. Best news For Parents? I Think So!!!

New parents face sleepless nights, crying infants and the stress on the perfect way of making them stop crying. They’ll try out their mother’s strategies, Google’s suggestions and friend’s advice. When none of that works and they’re at their wit’s ends and don’t know what to do, they’ll probably have a nervous breakdown. Well, we wouldn’t want that happening and neither did Dr. Robert Hamilton, a pediatrician from Santa Monica.

Being a pediatrician, he comes across many babies every single day and none of them respond well to having any shots or medicine they may need. The babies are in unfamiliar territory and are being handled by unfamiliar hands – this is enough to make a baby wail. However, he came up with a method that would immediately soothe your crying baby so that they calm down.

When you watch the video, you’ll also learn the easy steps on making your baby stop crying. All you do is fold their arms across their chest, secure their arms gently, hold them by the diaper area with the fleshy bit of your palm and rock them gently in a 45 degree angle. This movement will calm them down and you’ll see the results immediately.

This effective technique is demonstrated very well in the video as you watch him soothe a crying baby who’s going red in the face with the effort of wailing. He calls the technique “the hold” and gives a step-by-step play on how to hold the baby in a special manner.

This has got to be the best advice given for new parents. What did you think of the video? Would you try it out or recommend it? Do share it with other parents and send us your thoughts on the comments section below. We love hearing from you!