The secrets about your heart are in the palm of your hands.

Despite science have revealed many mysteries of the human culture, there are still some topics that don’t have a logical explanation and continue astonishing us in many different ways. From ancient times people have always believed in supernatural and mysticism, things like reading your fortune with cards, psychic persons who claim to be able of telling your future and games that allow you to communicate with the world of the dead are some of the most common subjects in this matter.

There is another tool in particular that people use to know your personality even without knowing you, and we are not talking about horoscope or the sign of your birth. It’s called palm reading; it turns out that all the natural lines on the surface of your hand have a meaning regarding the type of character you have. Each feature of the line such as longitude, width or direction can tell exactly the type of person you are.

One specific line is called the heart line and it is located in the middle section of the hand starting below the pinky finger and extending across towards the index. The heart line is the main sign that helps your fortune teller to read your palm, it has many ways to interpret but we are going to teach you some of the basic meanings.

A) When the famous heart line starts below the middle finger, it indicates that you have the qualities of a true leader. By nature, you tend to be very independent, showing great intelligence and making good judgments at the moment of difficult decisions. Nevertheless, the same virtues can lead you to be a little egocentric and less sensitive to other people, maintaining materialistic thoughts regarding your love life.

B) If the heart line ends between the index and the middle finger it means you are a very reliable person, people can trust in you freely and you are always thinking about other’s well being. If you need to take a decision, you frequently use common sense before you can act, tending to play the smartest move on every issue.

C) When your heart line starts on your index finger, your behavior is pretty much like (A) but your love life is more normal and balanced than this stereotype.

D) If the heart line bends between the thumb and index finger it points out that you are very patient, with a warm heart and your intentions are always good.

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