Security Camera Captures This Officer’s Final Act of Kindness, Minutes Before Losing His Life

It’s no surprise that life is incredibly unpredictable. A day could start out wonderfully before taking a turn for the absolute worst without warning. You never know when you’ll see somebody for the last time. Jeremy Henwood was a police officer who had just returned home from his tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. A Marine combat veteran, his family and friends were incredibly proud of what he had accomplished, but it turned out that his home would be more dangerous than the hostile foreign lands he served in.

In this video, you’ll see the last few moments of Jeremy’s life. Standing in line at a local McDonald’s, a boy named Daevon asked him if he had any change. Only needing 10 cents for some food, Jeremy obliged and even paid for the boy’s cookies. Daevon was beyond appreciative, but the officer’s last act of kindness was met with disaster just a few minutes later.


Jeremy returned to his car and began driving. He was only a few miles away from McDonald’s when he was gunned to death while sitting behind the wheel. Jeremy sacrificed so much for his country and his people. Obviously, the world lost a brave and kind soul, who had just performed such a generous act to a complete stranger.

Daevon said the incident would stay with him for quite some time. Jeremy’s family was heartbroken, as were his fellow officers and soldiers. He had deeply impacted those around him, and people will never forget all that Jeremy did for others.

Nobody saw this horrible act coming. It’s really a shame that there’s so much violence in the world. Jeremy’s final act of kindness is inspiring people all across the world. It’s so important to make sure the people around you know how much you care, so be sure to hug your family and friends tight. You never know when it will be somebody’s last day on the planet.

Security Camera Captures This Officer\'s Final Act of Kindness, Minutes Before Losing His Life