When You See THIS Cat Trying To Work The Printer? You’ll Crack Up! LOL!

This very interesting video by BuzzFeed compares and contrasts, on split screens, life with and without cat. There are quite a few heartwarming and laugh out loud moments throughout the clip. What’s more, one doesn’t even have to own a cat to relate to this awesome clip.

There’s even a method to the madness here. There’s a continuous sequence from morning to night.

The clip opens with the woman getting out of bed – it was a bit more cumbersome with a cat on top of the blanket. After that it would resort to a bit of oddball humor. The woman gets out of bed and brushes her teeth, uneventfully without the cat vs exasperatedly with the cat sitting in the sink. Do cats actually sit in the sink though?

The next scene that contrasts a pair of normal arms and a pair of arms full of cuts was of course just a hyperbole. Surprisingly, quite a few commenters voiced their strong disapproval of this scene. I wish I could tell them: Relax, chill your rollers!

There are many more scenes to go before the woman goes back to bed at night. It’s very impressive that they managed to pack this many scenes into an 80-second video. My favorite scene is the one in which the cat tries to remove freshly printed papers from the printer. I almost pulled an ab muscle laughing!

After watching this clip, I get the feeling that most cat owners would feel no regrets, in spite of it all, and maybe even because of it all.

Do you let your cat run your life like the woman in this clip? Do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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