When You See This Dog’s Trick To Get Food, You Won’t Believe Your Eyes!

If you asked people what a dog’s key trait is, let’s be honest, not many people would say “wits”. While it’s true that dogs are incredibly loyal and happy, they do seem to fall on the simpler side of intelligence. Or so people think, anyway. The reality is, even though they are expressive and happy all the time, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t very smart creatures. Lucy, the pup depicted in the following video, was thought to be silly, since she always made a mess when her parents weren’t home.

But when you see what they found out in the video, you will be convinced of the opposite. After she had stolen some food that they have prepared for their guests, Mom and Dad decided to set her up with a hidden camera to find out just what this dog did when they were not watching. They left some dog-friendly human food in the oven, along with a camera, and let it record her tricks. Dogs do cool things all the time, but Lucy really is a clever pupper. You can’t miss her clip!

You can watch Lucy’s master plan in the video below. Isn’t her amazing? Share the video on Facebook!

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