See That Gorilla? Watch The Dog’s Reaction When He Turns Around…

Maymo’s adoptive human parents just recently got him a very special present, and it’s the sort of thing that could either frighten a dog tremendously, or make them filled with joy and provide them with hours and hours of fun. It’s a gigantic stuffed gorilla! As you will see for yourself in the video below, Maymo’s parents startled him when they presented his brand new toy, and it wasn’t for less.

The dog is a bit nervous and scared at first, but the big fluffy friend has definitely caught his attention. Maymo seems intrigued by the pretend ape that his parents brought upon him, but he’s determined to show him who’s boss anyway. When in doubt, wipe them out, right Maymo?

Apparently not. Maymo seems very upset at first, and wags his tail with wild emotion, but before long, he had fallen in love with his new stuffed animal friend, and he became his new favorite toy that very same day. As you will see in the adorable clip, Maymo and the gorilla get on all sorts of adventures together, and they do every crazy antic that you could ever imagine.

Watch Maymo and his new primate best friend in the fun video right below!

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