See what happens when infants and pups meet for the very first time.

Anyone that has a small child and any kind of pet in the house together knows that adorable moments that are worthy of being captured on video are always around at the drop of a hat. It is also very plain to see that any child that is lucky enough to have a furry pet from a very young age gets to grow up with a very special friend and form an amazing bond that can’t be easily matched.

Thankfully there is no shortage of truly inspiring video footage out there depicting these overwhelmingly cute moments shared between babies and young pets!

The video below is chuck full of examples of the moments and bonds formed between child and pet. We think that you will have to view the footage repeatedly if you have any hope of ever choosing your favorite clip. One this is certain, when these children grow up and see this amazing footage as young adults they will have a very warm and memorable moment forever captured and shared with the entire planet!

Check out this compilation below and try to decide which clip ended up being your favorite and let us know in the comments section provided. Share this cute video with your friends and family and see if they can come up with an answer as well.