When You See How This Orphaned Baby Bat Reacts To Being Loved, It Will Steal Your Heart.

This little bat in the video is called Lil’ Drac. Lil’ Drac is an orphan short-tailed bat. His mother was rescued after the closing of a zoo, and the stress caused by the transfer made her abandon her baby. Mothers who feel insecure of their own safety often do this, so it is not so uncommon in the world of wild animals, but it still makes us feel sad to know a baby has been abandoned.

A short time after his desertion, Lil’ Drac was rescued and hand-raised by the volunteers of Bat World Sanctuary, a non-profit organization which is dedicated towards the preservation of bats. Who knew that such a thing even existed? But lucky for this little guy, it does. He was taken care of and as the days passed the little guy grew stronger.

The population of bats is experiencing a decline as of late, which is a problem. They are critical to many ecosystems and their primary food source is insects that are problematic to humans. More than half of the native bats in the USA are in danger of extinction, partly because of destruction of their habitat in caves.

When this little bat was rescued, he was warmed and comforted before being fed. They used a warm, wet, cotton swab to swab his face like his mother’s tongue and then put milk on a sponge for him to nurse. They also discovered he likes to rock himself while hanging upside down after feeding. What a sweet story.

Watch this touching video of a volunteer caring for this little bat in the video below and let us know how you felt about it in the comments!

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