See the Pride of South Africa Steal the Stage and Seal Their Place in the Finals with Their Rendition of Toto’s “Africa”

Watch the Ndlovu Youth Choir’s Electric Performance Make History With An Even More Explosive Finish

All new life is breathed into the timeless Toto classic “Africa” by a choir that couldn’t be more fitting. Hailing from South Africa, the Ndlovu Youth Choir shows the world how local flair can be fired up into an act that no one should miss.

From the singing to the choreography and their ability to work up the crowd, the Ndlovu Youth Choir certainly doesn’t disappoint. Their electric performance brought the room to its feet, spurring both judge Gabrielle and Julianne to rise up and dance.

In a performance proud to show the world that SA is filled with talent and potential, this vibrant Choir took to the ‘AGT’ stage. From the moment that their song and dance began the whole room was captivated, clearly feeling the enthusiasm and optimism of these young stars.

Gabrielle was over overjoyed, expressing her appreciation for their joy & talent by saying “Oh I’m so proud. This whole audience was along for the journey with you guys. You are the pride of Africa. You are the pride of America. You have literally changed your entire trajectory with one performance. Thank you!”

Simon Cowell was equally as taken-aback by their fantastic performance, sharing “You have ended, with that performance, and I really mean this, the best Final I have ever sat on in my life.”

All four judges loved the show and we in true awe of the youth. Howie added “You know, you’re right, you’re not only the pride of Africa, youth and the world, you make us so proud to be part of this world and to have you on this planet. This has been the most emotional, inspirational, wonderful, talent-filled final that I have ever been part of.”

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa was inspired so much that he praised the young singers on social media. The Ndlovu Youth Choir was called out as the prime showcase of true SA talent at its best by the country’s well-liked leader.

Julianne Howe loved the energy of this youth choir so much that she ended up joining in on their dance routine. Just take a look at how much fun she’s having!

The Youth Choir’s director and conductor Ralph Schmidt was equally filled with pride, praising his singers in an interview with local radio house 702 Talk Radio, saying “To see these kids from the dusty streets in Limpopo standing on the stage in the final of America’s Got Talent is surreal. I couldn’t be prouder – their performance was so good.”

See the Pride of South Africa Steal the Stage and Seal Their Place in the Finals with Their Rendition of Toto\'s \