After Seeing WHAT He Does To Those Pesky Ants, You’ll NEVER Hire Pest Control Again! WOW!

This is a video of Greg the Gardener doing his best Dexter impression. Make no mistake about it – Greg is a serial ant killer! Countless carcasses of big fat black ants were found outside his home one day, and even more were found inside after the court issued a search warrant.

The carcasses were transferred to a lab and the first thing the medical examiner noticed was how bloated the ants were. Upon closer inspection, the dissected ants under a microscope all appeared overstuffed with sugary food! The stuff was sent for analysis which revealed that the ants stuffed them with sugar and honey but that’s not full story, it was a chemical, sodium borate, which caused part of the ants’ digestive system to explode!

Another search warrant for Greg’s house was obtained by the sheriff’s office and this time the detectives found abnormal quantity of sugar, honey, and Borax (the commercially available form of the murder instrument, sodium borate). They also found a spray bottle containing traces of the murderous solution.

So now the authority had incontrovertible evidence that Greg murdered those ants, but since it is not a crime to exterminate ants, no charges were filed. Greg was also allowed to post a video of how he murdered those ants on YouTube. When it got to one million views, someone complained to YouTube but it’s not against the rules of posting on YouTube either. Today, this video has way over 3 million views!