After Seeing A Trapped Duckling, This Man Saved Him From Dying! AWW

There’s a very little amount of things that can get our hearts warmed up as quickly as an animal rescue. The compassion that a person can feel for a poor animal in need, and the help that they give them to get them in safety, all conveyed through one short video, is definitely one of the wonders of the modern world we live in now today. The following video shows a very peculiar rescue that a man did to a little baby duck while he was outside on a park with his family, just spending a nice day together.

While they were by the pond, the noticed a little duckling struggling to get out as he accidentally stepped in the swampy, muddy area of the lake, and not wanting to unnecessarily interfere with the animal, they first wait to see if he can get out by himself. When ducklings are alone without their mother, they’re pretty clueless about what to do, so they can easily get stuck in sticky situations.

After a few seconds of no progress, the man gets down to the duckling to help him, and he finds out that he was trapped by the bite of a snap turtle. If it wasn’t for his quick action, the duckling might not have seen the next day, but thanks to them, he was able to get back with his mom and into safety.

Watch this cute and unusual duck rescue video just below.

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