It Seemed Like Just Another Normal Day At The Beach, But Everyone Is Left Breathless After 33 Seconds

Nature has its way of wowing us every once in a while. Think about the lioness that adopted and protected a young antelope a couple of years back in Kenya. Shocking, isn’t it? What about the anaconda that ate a six-foot alligator yet another’s belly ruptured moments after it did the same? That was the case in one beautiful sunny day at Playa Puerto Nuevo in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico.

It looked like any other normal day at the beach- jewel blue waters, waves that seem to have a mind that knew that beach-goers are there for a good time, the sun’s rays gently shining upon their skins leaving everyone in moderate euphoria. But nature’s surprises us at every turn. And we are immensely fortunate that Alex Scola captured it on camera. What a sight.

A few seconds into the video, we are treated to a phenomenon where enormous waves that rise over fifteen meters high, crash against the bullish sizeable reef barrier. This was totally unbeknownst to first-timers on the beach but on the contrary, was a normal phenomenon for the locals. The locals seem unfazed by the happenings and go about their leisurely activities on the beach. The lifeguards too aren’t perturbed in any way. Alexa Scola expressed her thoughts and they will surely resonate with yours. “I can’t decide which I was more impressed by witnessed the massive wave that hits the reef islands at Playa Puerto Nuevo… or the fact that not a single person at the whole beach seems to be remotely bothered by the event whatsoever.” Tell me you don’t share the same thoughts.

I think nature knew beforehand that this phenomenon will one day take place and countered itself by “building” a huge dam-like structure that is a structurally sound reef. What do think about this phenomenon? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.