Never Have I Seen Anything Like This Before. When African Animals Eat THIS Fruit Hilarity Ensues

Most people enjoy a drink or two once in a while, to relax after work or while hanging out with friends. Sometimes people do some funny things under the influence of alcohol, but for some reason it’s way more funny when animals are the ones doing the stumbling.

Check out this incredible video of some party-loving monkeys, giraffes and elephants having the time of their lives after eating some fermented Marula fruit. You’ll definitely love their hilarious drunk antics; I’ve never seen anything like this!

I never knew animals could party like these guys, their drink of choice being this special fermented fruit. As the Marula fruit ripens, it falls off the tree to the ground where it quickly ferments and the fruit sugars develop into alcohol.

The fruit becomes irresistible to the animals of the region, because of its sweetness and of course its more pleasurable side-effects. This video shows just how strong this stuff is, as giraffes stumble around and elephants crash into trees, just like someone walking into a wall after having a few too many.

This great clip comes from the 1974 nature film “Animals Are Beautiful People,” which garnered plenty of attention for this unusual portrayal of the animal kingdom. Typically we see these animals grazing, or lumbering around – it’s so bizarre to see them drunk out of their minds, dancing around like a bunch of teenagers after their first beer!

Have you ever seen animals behave anything like these goofballs? Let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!

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