Have You Seen “Secret Life of Pets” Yet?

Movies have been a cornerstone of many a social movement. From telling a story, to invoking a laugh we’ve found much enjoyment from films- especially the cute and adorable ones. There have been many animation companies that have wowed us over the years. Pixar, Studio Ghibli, Disney- all responsible for not only some of the timeless classics we hold close today, but also some of our new favorites.

For one weekend, the box office came back with a resounding “YES,” when it came to The Secret Life Of Pet’s. The plot seemed to blow audiences away, quickly becoming a favorite. $103.2 million just for opening weekend. Beating out competitors Finding Dory, The Legend Of Tarzan, As well as many other cinematic masterpieces. in their own right. But The animated films seemed to do better than most of the live action, horror, and comedy pitted against each other. Out of all the respective competition, The Secret Life Of Pet’s Seems to have left them all in the dust.

There were many trailers that aided their momentous status and place on the hierarchy of film gross. Thanks to many different avenues of advertising they found helped get them to the numbers they are at now. With the profits immediately dwarfing the budget, not only were the studios responsible proud, but also appreciative towards all the artists involved. Many great talents have shown their dedication and skill. Yet the most surprising fact? You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.

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